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Is hiring illegals much different from paying a legal citizen cash 'under the table'?

4I don't know

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4-Mar-17 11:25pmdab
I guess it depends on how much is 'much different'. People who are illegal immigrants are more susceptible to abuse. They become a culture apart with no possibility of integrating. It seems a bad situation all around.
5-Mar-17 1:34amLJD
5-Mar-17 8:44ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Hiring illegals always implies paying under the table, right? (in cash as well? I'm not sure how it usually happens)
So, the difference boils down to being here illegally. That does seem like a significant factor.
My feeling is that looking at the issue this way doesn't help that much.

What I think we need to do is recognize these people as part of a migrant workforce that our economy depends on. If we get all bent out-of-shape over them being here illegally, and try to crackdown on that, it will be expensive to enforce and we will cause economic troubles as employers lose their workers (certain industries depend heavily on them, could put these businesses out of business, cause prices to rise on those goods, etc.). Probably a guest worker program would be a better solution (e.g. create a legal path for migrant workers). Though, I'm sure that's tricky because part of what's going on is exploitation (they don't get paid or treated well and employers are likely in violation of worker protection laws).
5-Mar-17 10:48amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to bill)
5-Mar-17 10:50am
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
and we will cause economic troubles as employers lose their workers (certain industries depend heavily on them, could put these businesses out of business, cause prices to rise on those goods, etc.).
Not to mention kids losing their parents.
(reply to Enheduanna)
5-Mar-17 12:54pm
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
I get the impression about half the country doesn't care about that. I make the economic argument because it seems like it will impact most people directly (e.g. meat and produce will become more expensive if those industries lose their cheap labor).
(reply to bill)
6-Mar-17 12:44pm
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I'm sure that's true. But it's still terrible.
6-Mar-17 4:43pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
If only because the legal citizen is referred to as such, while the other person is just an "illegal" whose place in society will never match that of the citizen. I'm not sure if that was your intention with this survey, but the wording says a lot.
7-Mar-17 6:00amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Yes and no, both illegal although I suppose the "cash under the table" person could still pay taxes on that money although I doubt that will happen. I guess the knowledge of the person being here illegally plus paying them "under the table" means you would be charged with more than one crime...??
(reply to bill)
7-Mar-17 6:10am
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
Our system of producing meat and produce in the US is "out of wack" anyway. The beef, poultry, pork industries (factory farming) is disgusting and cruel to the animals and to the employees. People should not be paying more for a dozen apples than to feed a family of four at McDonalds. So a rise in meat prices in order to have a more honorable and safe farming system should be welcomed. (This won't happen anytime soon but......). And this affects our fruit and vegetable farms as well. Too much to discuss actually but suffice it to say, citizens are not rushing to take these jobs. This is hard work, long hours and very seasonal.
(reply to jettles)
7-Mar-17 6:41am
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
I think a possible side-effect of the current administration's policies is that we may all be forced to face these truths to some degree. If a wall is built and it works, the jobs it will bring to the US will be in slaughterhouses and onion fields for sub-minimum wage. Automation is what's taking away the good (low skill, high pay) factory jobs of the past. The coming transitions (higher food prices as you mentioned and less/crappier jobs) seem inevitable. Though, may be good to some degree if it allows for things to correct toward a more sustainable situation. Protectionism will only make it worse in the end. It is worrying to consider. We don't seem especially capable at making rational decisions as a group.
(reply to bill)
9-Mar-17 3:29pm
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
And we choose people who are incapable to make decisions for the group. Our current "billionaire" administration are incapable of making decisions on things that will most likely not affect them in the short term and who could care less about the majority of the population............. but then that is just my opinion! Sorry, I just can't get over how gullible and weak we are as a people.
9-Mar-17 3:48pmJessicaWoman99
Illegals are cheap labor and why they are here
9-Mar-17 7:23pmGomezy3k
Because the illegal aliens are here illegally and should not be working.
(reply to Biggles)
10-Mar-17 1:01am
That wasn't my intention. I was looking for a practical/tangible difference.
10-Mar-17 7:40pmcerealkiller
Illegals don't belong here in the first place.
(reply to cerealkiller)
13-Mar-17 2:24pm
Illegals don't belong here in the first place.
Exactly. Just become Americans... like our families did.
27-Mar-17 8:59pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator

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