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Do you think it would be fun to be a stunt person?

Imagine you are young, in shape, and fit enough to do this. Flinging all around, jumping over and off of things, and knowing how to land so as not to hurt yourself. Would you find it fun?

0I don't know

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4-Mar-17 5:10amCarlHalling
When I was younger, I loved 'testing' everything, including the possibility of physical hurt, I loved throwing myself around, and was a real rubber man, I took a lot of punishment, a lot of falls and blows to the head and other areas. Also, I worked out a lot, had some training in the martial arts, and knew how to 'fall' without hurting myself. But today, no, not at all. I can't abide physical shocks of any kind in my old age, I feel ill if I bash myself about even the slightest. Also, I hate things like heights and confined spaces.
4-Mar-17 4:53pmbill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Much of my childhood was like this, so yes.
5-Mar-17 1:18amLJD
5-Mar-17 10:51amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
6-Mar-17 5:02amLysannus
I think it would be fun. Then you could watch the movie and say hey that's me. The actor was too chicken to try that. laughing out loud
6-Mar-17 4:45pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I suspect it would be a lot of fun for the type of people who enjoy extreme sports. It would not be fun for me.
7-Mar-17 7:06pmJessicaWoman99
I am afraid of any thing dangerous
(reply to JessicaWoman99)
8-Mar-17 6:20am
Hell just waking up some days is dangerous, getting in your car is dangerous, walking down the street is dangerous, everything in life has some element of danger and can be considered dangerous.

You must be afraid all the time.
(reply to Lysannus)
9-Mar-17 2:33pm
Afraid to walk out the front door you never know if Donald Trump will be there??

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