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If you were to look and act purely authentic (true to yourself) in public, would you end up attracting attention?

Not necessarily deliberate, but by default. You would stand out, look too different/noticeable.

3I don't know

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26-Feb-17 9:20amCarlHalling
I don't think so. I find it hard to be anyone but myself to begin with, and wish I was better at putting on an act, perhaps it's a question of being highly in tune with the more instinctual side of things, but I don't attract undue attention, I mean not in a negative sense. At least, I hope not!
26-Feb-17 10:29amLJD
27-Feb-17 5:17amLysannus
No because I would be the same as I am now.
27-Feb-17 12:48pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I don't think I would look or act any different than I do now.
27-Feb-17 1:50pmbill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Maybe, it's really hard to say. I'm not sure what acting purely authentic (true to myself) would be exactly at this point. I am somewhat prone to acting unusually.
27-Feb-17 4:37pmFordGuy
I guess the heels would be first. Most don't notice the legwear, or even the skirt... always the heels.. it tells me that I have good taste in footwear.
28-Feb-17 12:49pmJessicaWoman99
No I do not stand out or attract any attention at all
2-Mar-17 6:32pmLindaH
I would most likely get it, and I wouldn't want it. Most of it would be negative. I have refrain from being purely authentic in public.
7-Mar-17 6:11amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Not too different than I do now
9-Mar-17 7:21pmGomezy3k
Mostly from the police...
5-Oct-17 2:16amkayemmdee
I attract more than average attention on a regular basis. For all ages of people and both sexes. Not sure why. I think because I often have interesting jewelry and/or clothing.
5-Oct-17 5:09pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I suppose I might pick my nose a bit more often.
24-Oct-17 4:14pmJessicaWoman99
Well on Facebook I get hit on a lot oh my as I just found out
23-Nov-17 12:39pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
I think I am pretty authentic in public, unless you mean I would do private things in public, like plucking odd hairs or farting. If I did that stuff in public, I think I would attract attention.

I tend to prefer going unnoticed in public, but I don't do anything specific to intentionally blend into the walls.

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