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What do you iron (or have ironed by someone else) regularly?

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1Table linen
1Something else
0Bed linen
0Work uniform
0I don't know

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23-Apr-17 3:32amRainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
I never iron my clothes (really don't see the point).
I do iron when I'm sewing things though - it's really the only way to get nice seams and hems.
23-Apr-17 9:11amCarlHalling
Nothing, I've not owned an iron nor ironing board, nor ironed anything I wear on a daily basis for several years now. Luckily I own clothes which are pretty well self-ironing. I'm on a very tight budget and an iron is nowhere near the top of my current must-haves.
23-Apr-17 10:53amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Nothing on a regular basis. I don't tumble-dry and most things dry pretty crease free on the line/clothes horse. The remaining crinkles tend to come out when I wear something anyway. When I was wearing smart trousers for work, I would re-iron the crease every 3 - 4 washes, but that was the only thing I ironed. I've spent the last 18 months in scrubs at work, and they would look weird with a crease. I think the last time I ironed anything was when I had to go to court (as a witness) and that was more than a year ago.
23-Apr-17 12:17pmLJD
Many years ago, when my children were young, I ironed almost every day. I ironed shirts, dresses, anything that needed ironing. But I haven't ironed in years, but still have my iron, and ironing board.
23-Apr-17 5:02pmbill
I almost never iron. I know I have, a few years ago, something... but I forget what it was. I think I may have had some shirts that get wrinkly. I'm sure I stopped wearing them.
25-Apr-17 12:03pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I don't iron anything regularly. I mainly iron when I'm sewing something (rare), though every so often I iron an item of clothing.
26-Apr-17 11:57pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Some of David's work shirts get all wrinkled in the collars. I don't know how to prevent that, so ironing, it is.
30-Apr-17 7:58amNitroeddy
I Don't really iron anything.
4-May-17 3:13pmJessicaWoman99
Nothing at all
8-May-17 2:36amLysannus
Iron. Nope not happening. If it is something that needs ironing I don't buy it, or if I do it becomes the frumpy look.
21-May-17 2:36pmZang
22-May-17 9:31pmsouthernyankee
Nothing, I let the dryer do the work for me. Probably not the most eco-friendly thing to do.
26-Jun-17 7:15pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
I have shirts/blouses for work dry cleaned and pressed.

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