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Do you think it's necessary to keep us safe from the Ebola virus?

Such as a mandatory quarantine up to 30 day's inside your home and not being allowed outside or to be in contact with others.

7It depends
4Other answer

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31-Oct-14 8:38pmdab
Necessary in order to what? Whenever someone says "necessary" without completing the entire thought, it is a meaningless statement or question.
31-Oct-14 9:16pmJessicaWoman99
It all depends on the person and where they have been and who they came in contact with
31-Oct-14 9:31pmIrene007
Uh, yeah... If I came back from Sierra Leone!
1-Nov-14 6:22ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
1-Nov-14 10:54pmJessicaWoman99
Stay quarantined for 2 years inside your own home to keep from spreading Ebola
2-Nov-14 8:45amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
I think it is necessary to attempt to keep exposure to a minimum using the best scientific and medical knowledge we have but I believe the some politicians are over stepping their knowledge of the virus and using a blanket quarantine in some cases that are not an exposure risk. It is a political season in the US and we are ramping up to start the ever longer run up to a presidential race so everyone political is "trying to do what they know is best for the people" even though they don't know best or chose to know what is best!
2-Nov-14 9:34pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I think infection control plans should be based on the science and not the politics. You can't put someone under house arrest just because other people are stupid.
3-Nov-14 10:15amJessicaWoman99
Screen all passengers as they are getting off their flight from Africa and put them in a plastic bubble
4-Nov-14 6:28amLysannus
rolls eyes
5-Nov-14 12:29pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I think it depends.
9-Nov-14 2:45pmZang
Don't know. Don't care.

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