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Do you know someone who had died and they were brought back to life by doctors or paramedics?

Referring to someone who had died their heart stopped beating etc.


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4-Apr-14 9:10pmJessicaWoman99
No but I have seen people who had died and they were brought back to life by doctors they should have been dead and gone yet they lived
5-Apr-14 10:58amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Professionally, yes. I've also participated in resuscitation attempts where this has happened. Not sure if any of them survived long enough to go home though. I'm not aware that anyone I know personally has been successfully resuscitated though.
5-Apr-14 11:14amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Not that I know of.
5-Apr-14 6:38pmLJD
6-Apr-14 2:42pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
Yes, she had a grand mal seizure when she was 4. They said she died in the ambulance. For many years after, she had an imaginary friend named Grandma Petey.
7-Apr-14 5:25amLysannus
Yes. They were at the hospital went they started coughing and they collapsed.
It turns out their heart just stopped and they had to do shock it a few times to get it started again.
Sadly to say this person is no longer with us they went into cardiac arrest a year and a half later and didn't make it.
8-Apr-14 5:41amihatespiders
Yes, they injected a dye in my brother, to use an MRI , and he had a bad reaction to the dye.He had a heart attack and stopped breathing, That put him in ICU. I freaked out.. his mom and I were in the waiting area when we saw my brother on a bed, and several guys running with him, I heard one guy say " I think hes dead". He was dead for a few minuets. They hooked him up to life support, He came out of it. I didnt tell he was dead for those minuets, I asked him when he passed out, what did he see. He said he saw nothing just black. I dont know if they shocked his, heart but I bet they did. They would not let us in to see him, until he was stable.
15-Apr-14 11:19pmMysticKat

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