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What is Survey Central?

Survey Central is an interactive site where anyone can sign up to fill-out and create surveys with other people. It's just for fun, all are welcome.

How does Survey Central Work?

To use Survey Central, simply click some of the links on the page. The top row of links are survey selector links. They will allow you to get a list of surveys displayed.

Once you have a list of surveys, you can then click on any survey question to view that survey. If the survey is active and you have not voted on it yet, you will be shown a voting page for it.

After you have voted on a survey, you will be able to see the current results for that survey, and read all the other user's comments. You can also add more comments as the conversation associated with the survey continues.

At this point you would generally click the "Next" link to view the next survey in your list or go back to a Survey Selector.

The second row of links at the top of the page allows you to take various other actions at Survey Central. You can create a new survey, search for a survey, examine statistics on this site, customize Survey Central with your own personal settings, use or forum or feedback system.

There are many Emoticons and Mark-Up Codes available for you to use. We no longer allow HTML to be entered directly into text boxes here.


To qualify, a survey must meet 5 criteria:
  • It must get at least 5 reasonable votes.
  • It must have more reasonable votes than needs work votes.
  • It must spend at least 24 hours in qualification.
  • It must not get 5 or more "hopelessly flawed" votes.

If your survey has too many needs work votes, you will need to edit your survey to fix the problems. Users who qualify your survey may also cast a "nitpick" vote. These votes have no effect on whether your survey is qualified. The purpose is just to call out a minor problem with your survey. If you have a survey with "needs work" or "nitpick" votes, you will be alerted to this condition whenever you load a Survey Selector (any of the 6 top links). If your survey gets 5 or more "hopelessly flawed" votes, it will be removed immediately by the system.

Creating a survey is an iterative process involving cycles of peer review. Other users will be giving you feedback about your survey that you should then use to improve your survey. It can be frustrating if you let it get to you. It's best to keep in mind that the purpose is to ensure that your survey will be a success.

You can check on your survey to see how it's doing during the qualification phase (and after) using its link.

You can access the survey qualification system via the UnQualified survey Selector. You may want to add this SurveySelector to the top of your page via the Customize page.

A Survey that doesn't get qualified after 5 days will be removed.

After a survey is qualified and gets activated, it will stay active until some days have gone by without it getting a new comment. The number of days varies depending on the survey's rating. If its rating is above 50% and 45 days have passed without a new comment being added to it or if the rating is below 50% and 15 days have passed, it will be deactivated.

If you have any question or concerns, please use the Site Feedback Forum Forum.