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10-Mar-15 3:29pm

I have been ordering stuff on Amazon via the SC link... is it working? Worth it?
10-Mar-15 6:30pm

Cool, thanks. Where is this amazon link? I've forgotten about it.

On the other, bigger site that I run, a lot of people use the amazon link there and it has become my main source of revenue (ads are paying less and less over time).

On that site, I post a list of what was purchased and the commission it earned. Maybe I can do that here too, but I'm not sure I can differentiate stuff.

I can also just go looking for something if you can say what you got and when it was shipped.
11-Mar-15 7:43am

I buy a lot from Amazon. This is the link: I found it by noticing that the *Buy from Amazon, support this site* link was click-able.
11-Mar-15 7:44am

If it helps you, then I'll keep using it. I don't need a list of commissions and stuff. I am headed there today to buy hubs for my Bronco. smile
11-Mar-15 7:48am

Yesterday I bought a bluetooth scanner thingy for the pick em up truck..
11-Mar-15 10:05pm

Argh, I noticed that link was messed up. So, it wouldn't have worked.

It is fixed now and should work in the future. Sorry about that. Thanks for bringing it up, fixing it is important.

It does really help me for people to use it, so thanks. I can try to show you the commissions in the future, just for fun.

I haven't mentioned the amazon thing much on SC. We're kind of small and I don't want to beg too much.
12-Mar-15 8:05am

I think people would use it. It's not like it's extra work, and if you're shopping at Amazon anyway... what the heck!
12-Mar-15 8:09am

So *Buy from Amazon, support this site* works now? The link?
12-Mar-15 11:04am

Just ordered brake hoses for my Bronco. smile
12-Mar-15 11:27am
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator

I wish I would have known about it when I was buying a lot of stuff from Amazon. Now I'm paying off home improvement debts, so not much Amazoning lately.
12-Mar-15 11:57am

Yes, that *Buy from Amazon, support this site* icon/link should work now. I think if I check the report on amazon tomorrow, it should show the brake hoses. I'll try to do it just to confirm it works.

I guess I can make a post about it and maybe put the icon in the header. That's what I do on GameTZ and that works well there. It's nice because it doesn't cost you guys anything.

I do sometimes get reports that it didn't work, but mostly it works well.

Here's the latest topic there where I post about it and people post what they bought, etc.
12-Mar-15 12:59pm

Hey if it works and I am ordering stuff from Amazon I'll use it. smile
I didn't realize you got a small cut from that, nice to know.
12-Mar-15 4:28pm

Other than this forum thread, where is the Amazon link? I'd never seen it before and can't find it now.
12-Mar-15 4:55pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator

Any way to make it work for UK purchases?
12-Mar-15 5:04pm

Just got confirmation that they shipped today!
13-Mar-15 10:23am

It looks like they showed up on my affiliate orders page:

UK - it's a totally different system/account, unfortunately. I tried to do it with Canada in the past, but it's hard to actually get paid if you're not from that country.

When I have more time, I'll put the amazon link in the header of the site or something. If you just type *amazon* you get the icon which now works (e.g. *Buy from Amazon, support this site*). How you order can matter. Click the icon/link, add stuff to your shopping cart, then buy it is generally best. It may not work if it's already on a wishlist or if you clicked on another site's affiliate link recently.

15-Mar-15 11:07am
they Survey Central Subscriber

Hey, this is awesome!!
15-Mar-15 1:55pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator

bill wrote:
It looks like they showed up on my affiliate orders page:
I was expecting FordGuy's purchases to be hose, but not those kind!
16-Mar-15 7:36am

laughing out loud That's awesome Biggles!

Bill - Do you know if there is a way to link it to the app on my stupid phone?
16-Mar-15 7:53am

I don't think there is a way to do that. You can bookmark the link in your browser, though.
16-Mar-15 8:52am

I just put the amazon link in the header for easy access.