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Just because...
3-Mar-14 11:44pm

.. there's not a lot of action lately and I do want to keep this place active and dynamic; I need to ask if you have any graphs of Survey Central's past activity to compare with its present's activity or you aren't as anal as I am so you don't keep that kind of information for decades to make silly comparisons of the likes that I'm asking of you now?
~~(Please be gentle with your reply; I know I left the door wide open for rebuttal but please spare me the embarrassment and if you don't know what I'm talking about then your imagination is just not as fertile/wild as mine is at the moment...)
4-Mar-14 7:03am
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator

I have some graphs I can generate. Here's what they look like:

image [full]

5-Mar-14 11:08am

wink I'll take a little credit for that early 2010 spike in the forum hahahahaha
Plus we did video's!
Looking at the accounts, how the hell many did wolf or what's his name have!!!! ?? !
5-Mar-14 11:09am

I think we need to rent that bus and take a road trip!
5-Mar-14 12:11pm
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator

I should make the lines smoother. I don't like how jagged they are.
17-Mar-14 12:07am

OTAY! I forgot that I had asked this question... I wonder where that survey spike comes from in Jan 2014 - certainly not me!
17-Mar-14 8:20am
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator

I think that's a graphing error. There's something funky about the edges that can sometimes cause that.
20-Mar-14 2:57am

The fact that you even know that makes you cool in my eyes...
4-Apr-14 8:45pm

Mar 2009 had a lot of lht trolling. jan 2013, i think me and jessica made a bunch at a time. I did a 10 at once thing earlier this year. That might have contributed to it.

Just because...